What chemical in the Hoover vacuum causes cancer?

Query by Johnji Bella: What chemical in the Hoover vacuum will cause cancer?
I have sent the subsequent e mail to Hoover several instances and still have not received a reply:

“I not too long ago acquired a Hoover Nano-Lite Vacuum Cleaner. Your owner’s manual for this product contain the following warning: ‘WARNING: This item includes chemical compounds known to the State of California to trigger cancer and reproductive toxicity….’ I am contacting you straight to locate out what exclusively in this product contains chemical acknowledged to the State of California to trigger cancer and reproductive toxicity.” Your Headquarters are in Glenwillow, Ohio. Please supply a distinct answer to the issue regarding the warning and what specifically in this products consists of chemical identified to the State of California to result in cancer and reproductive toxicity, as this problem is of fantastic issue for me and my family members and friends. Thank you.”

Does anybody know what chemical compounds they are referring to and the likelihood of them leading to cancer and reproductive toxicity?
So will any vacuum cleaner I obtain have this warning?

Best remedy:

Answer by Max J
basically any polymer or oil based mostly products was established by the California Authorities to possibly lead to cancer a handful of decades back again, so the bearing grease and plastics could be poor for you if you ingest them, or burn up the vacuum and inhale the fumes. The cancer most probable to come from petroleum goods was determined to be cervical and prostate cancers, though the P-appeal on the information was so far off that it really is surprising to me that the examine final results weren’t thrown out all collectively.

What do you believe? Remedy beneath!

  1. I believe it is lead. I know that some water hoses have the same sort of label and it is a direct link to the plastic leaching lead into the water. The fact is that most plastic or polymer materials have some sort of carcinogen in them. Its not a good thing but if we really wanted to cut that out of our lives we would have to change everything.

    I am not 100% on my answer but I hope it helps. I don’t think that it is toxic enough to cause problems with regular use. I would be concerned if you were using your vacuum to store drinking water…

  2. It is because you liv in a state run by a bunch crazy left wing wackos also known as liberal Democrats. That make up a lot of ridiculous and meaningless laws and force companies to comply with them. So they have to put warnings on everything, You should just Call the liberals that you always vote for and ask them what it is. They are ones that make them put the silly warning on it, so they should know. My guess it is the rubber belt, or lubrication oil, or the copper wire used in the motor, Who knows. You should trust the people you vote for to tell you what to do. So you should take that vacuum to the local hazardous waste disposal site , and have it removed from the environment so no one will be harmed. You will prob. have to pay a disposal fee, but it will be worth it and you will know you have your part to save the earth. Good luck.

  3. I like the answer that Ca. is a bunch of crazies. I agree. The first answer is correct too. Just about any petroleum product will have this warning. Also if there is any Lead bearing solder used on the wires for the motor or the switch ( probably ). Even the vinyl insulation on the power cord since it is made with polyvinyl chloride.

  4. Hi I have just purchased the same vacuum, and just asked the same question, only I posted my question in the cancer category. I feel your pain! I’m like totally freaking out over this, and it seems no one has the @#$ *

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