Q&A: which of these vacuums work best,Bissell Dirt,devil,Eureka or Hoover?

Query by Trisha heart: which of these vacuums function greatest,Bissell Dirt,devil,Eureka or Hoover?
I know there are higher brand names that function far better and charge a lot more, but we are a household of two and do not require to vacuum that much, so out of these manufacturers I am hoping to see which functions very best. Thank you for your input

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Solution by Skye Mccarver
I have a Eureka and it performs actually good!

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  1. Even though buying a used refurbished Kirby or Oreck would be much better than a new one of any of the brands you mentioned, a Hoover is actually a better machine than the others you mentioned.
    But I would definitely recommend calling a local vacuum repair shop and see if theyhave any reconditioned Kirby’s.
    Or Electrolux.

  2. I had a Kennmore upright from Sears of course that I paid a little over $ 200.00 for about 10 years ago. I found with Sears, you could purchase the ONSITE repair contract for very little money (as I recall it was about 15 dollars) and boy did it come in handy. They repaired ANYTHING and everything within a day or so locally, I paid nothing extra and I could renew the repair contract every two years. Of course, it did finally die as it was abused over and over and I let the contract expire.

    That said, I currently have a Bissell DigiPro canister that I LOVE. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a vacuum is availability of parts. As of now, I must purchase EVERYTHING online for this machine. It uses bags and filters and of course I need belts on hand but I can’t ever find these things in a store – I have to use a Vacuum store to order from Bissell or purchase myself online.

    The Bissell works fab but once anything breaks, I’ll be going back to Kenmore. I honestly believe they make the best machines and Sears always had the best onsite service for my needs.

    The best thing to do in order to decide would be to figure out:
    1. Your price range – how much do you have to spend now and how much do you want to spend over time on bags, repairs etc.
    2. How long do you expect it to last?
    3. Do you have pets and/or any special concerns (i.e. allergies)

    Read reviews and do some research with the upcoming holiday sales! Every lady likes a vacuum for Christmas – NOT but they do usually have some smashing sales on these things this time of year.

    Here are some links for you:

  3. i <3 Bissell

  4. i think they all suck!

  5. We have a Dyson. We have carpet floors, 5 dogs and 4 cats. Fur always gets in the carpets. The Dyson gets out every single last bit of it.

  6. DYSON! When you get one of those babys you will never look back. NOTHING COMPARES :)

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